Bus Conversion, Road Trip Around the Country.

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We got sucked into the allure of the "American Dream" and quickly realized we hated it.  For several years we talked about making a radical change for ourselves and our kids.  We finally got up the courage to go through with our dream to convert a school bus into an RV and travel the country.  Some people think we're crazy- and there's definitely some truth in that, but the crazy ones have all the fun!  Here you'll find our plans, thoughts, and musings as we make our way through this project and begin our incredible journey.  Feel free to ask questions and/or share thoughtful words of wisdom/ points of interest in your region.  We truly believe that an experience like this is doable for anyone who wants it.  We love sharing our ideas and the knowledge we've acquired through this process (sometimes through trial and error) and we can't wait to share our experiences as we wander in search of our truest selves.